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Amsoil Pre-Mix Synthetic Oil 1Qt.

Specially formulated for 2-cycle, high revving small engines, this synthetic oil blend comes pre-mixed (100:1) – 1 Qt. 

Cat / Hydro Power Package – M5

Purchase a complete power, drive, and hardware package for your home-built Vee bottom gasser. This kit is perfect for Vee

Engine Repair Kit – G230RC | Zenoah

Complete replacement top-end kit for the Zenoah G230RC engine. Includes new-style optimized stock 32mm cylinder/piston (piston ring is the new

EZ Starter Replacement Pulley | Zenoah

Replacement Starter Pawl/Pulley for Zenoah EZ starter. ZENOAH # 848ES-Z7520

Fuel Filter – Zenoah Fuel Clunk

Walbro / Zenoah clunk style in-tank fuel filter. Fits all 1/8″ size fuel lines. The fuel filter prevents foreign bodies contained in

G320RC Clutch Housing Case | Zenoah

Zenoah G320RC 54mm Clutch Housing Fits Zenoah G320RC engine only. Does NOT fit earlier Zenoah RC models! The Zenoah G320RC

Grease Injector Syringe

50cc Grease Injector Syringe. Safe for use with petroleum-based products. 

Ignition Coil | Zenoah

Zenoah ignition coil for RC engines. Zenoah part # T2070-71200 Stock part on Zenoah  G230RC  G260RC G240RC G270RC G290RC G320RC

Multi-Purpose E5 Engine Tool

Multi-purpose wrench tool for engine care. Can be used to hold, tighten, pull, and test various parts of the engine

Piston Ring 32mm G230RC G240RC | Zenoah

New-style thinner piston ring (.8mm thick) for Zenoah 32mm engines. Thinner ring allows for reduced friction, higher revs, and more