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“OO” Cable Grease

A must have for all Enforcer boats with on-board grease. Exclusive “OO” semi-fluid cable grease injects directly in Enforcer on-board cable grease systems.

1/4 Scale Crackerbox Figure

Designed for use with 1/4 scale Crackerbox or 1/4 scale Jersey Speed Skiffs, and also perfect for our Stingray Hydro.

1/8 Scale Driver

Light weight plastic body with real cloth life vest and racing jersey, detailed to look like a modern day era

1/8 Scale Vintage Seat

Molded 1/8 Scale Vintage Seat for our Vintage drivers. (shown painted Black).

4-Piece Small Funnel Set

Safe for use with gas, oil, and most other solvents. Includes 1.5″, 2″, 3″, and 4″. 

Aluminum Air Vents

Modeled after their full size counterpart, Enforcer RC Air Vents are cast in stamped aluminum (0.2" thickness) and easy to install. Dimensions - 4.5" long, 1" wide

Amsoil Pre-Mix Synthetic Oil 1Qt.

Specially formulated for 2-cycle, high revving small engines, this synthetic oil blend comes pre-mixed (100:1) – 1 Qt. 

Dash & Fittings Kit

Scaled to 1/10 the size of their full size counterparts, the Dash & Fittings Kit is expertly detailed for accuracy. Includes

Dummy Quad Exhaust Tips

Includes 4 chrome-plated plastic exhaust tips.  Installation Instructions: Locate, mark, and drill four 1/4″ holes in the transom. Apply a drop

Enforcer 1″ Round Air Vent

Enforcer 1″ round black plastic air vent.  We use these round vents on many Enforcer RC Boats but work will

Fiberglass Air Scoops

Boy do these look good on top of the engine cover! These are lightweight hand-laid fiberglass scoops that we designed

Fuel Siphon Bulb

Designed to safely siphon gas out of the fuel tank. For use with Enforcer gas tanks.