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“OO” Cable Grease

A must have for all Enforcer boats with on-board grease. Exclusive “OO” semi-fluid cable grease injects directly in Enforcer on-board cable grease systems.

1/4 Flexible Drive Cable

18″ overall length with one .250 ( 1/4″ ) square end. Easily cut to length for your custom boat.>Can be

1/4 Scale Crackerbox Figure

Designed for use with 1/4 scale Crackerbox or 1/4 scale Jersey Speed Skiffs, and also perfect for our Stingray Hydro.

1/8 Scale Driver

Light weight plastic body with real cloth life vest and racing jersey, detailed to look like a modern day era

1/8 Scale Vintage Seat

Molded 1/8 Scale Vintage Seat for our Vintage drivers. (shown painted Black).

2″ Rudder Offset Arm

Use with our Uni-Strut Rudder mount, places rudder offset 2″ to the right or left from center. Can use two

2.4 Ghz. Antenna & Base for RC Boat

The easiest and cleanest way to mount your 2.4 Ghz. antenna. We give you one CNC machined aluminum base/mount and

29mm crankshaft (+1mm) | Zenoah

Zenoah 29mm (+1mm) Crankshaft For use, requires a cylinder modified to accept the +1mm stroke, or use of an additional

2mm Stroker Crank | Zenoah

Zenoah 30mm (+2mm) crankshaft for Water cooled Engines Made by Zenoah. When using on a Zenoah brand motor, no additional

3″ Offset Rudder Arm

Use for a single offset or replacement for our Dual Rudder System.

4-Bolt Cylinder Gasket – 1mm thick, for 1mm stroker (G300PUM) | Zenoah

Zenoah 4-Bolt Cylinder Gasket – 1mm thick, for 1mm stroker (G300PUM) This is the stock cylinder gasket for the G300PUM