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“OO” Cable Grease

A must have for all Enforcer boats with on-board grease. Exclusive “OO” semi-fluid cable grease injects directly in Enforcer on-board cable grease systems.

4-Piece Small Funnel Set

Safe for use with gas, oil, and most other solvents. Includes 1.5″, 2″, 3″, and 4″. 

Amsoil Pre-Mix Synthetic Oil 1Qt.

Specially formulated for 2-cycle, high revving small engines, this synthetic oil blend comes pre-mixed (100:1) – 1 Qt. 

Grease Injector Syringe

50cc Grease Injector Syringe. Safe for use with petroleum-based products. 

Heavy-Duty Boat Stand

RC boat stand. Designed for V bottom RC boats. Solid 1/2″ thick ABS plastic stand has soft foam pads to protect

Radio Box Seal Tape

Transparent PVC tape for use sealing the radio box. Features a semi-permanent adhesive, easily removed by rubbing alcohol. Extra long