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Carb Spacer | Zenoah

Zenoah carburetor spacer fits Walbro WT series carburetors. Fits between carburetor and velocity stack or air filter to allow carburetor

Carburetor Choke Lever

Enforcer designed Carburetor Choke lever to easily open and close the choke on your RC boat carburetor. For use with

Walbro K24-wat / K10-wat Carburetor Rebuild Kit

WALBRO K24 – K10-WAT CARB REBUILD KIT For Walbro WT-644 / WT-1048 / WT-813 / WT-990 / WT-257 / WT-1027

Walbro WT-644 Big Bore Carburetor

Walbro WT644 Carburetor – Fits all 23, 26, 29 and 30cc Zenoah type engines (including boats, cars, planes, helicopters.) Primer

Walbro WT257 Carburetor

Walbro WT-257 carburetor – Performance upgrade for any Zenoah or related engine.  Big Bore – No choke – No primer