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Team Enforcer

Perhaps the most popular model in gas model boating is our world famous Team Enforcer 46″. Since 1986 the Team

Team Enforcer Offshore

The Team Pro is based off of the same boat as our popular Team Enforcer model, however we designed a

1/4 Flexible Drive Cable

18″ overall length with one .250 ( 1/4″ ) square end. Easily cut to length for your custom boat.>Can be

2″ Rudder Offset Arm

Use with our Uni-Strut Rudder mount, places rudder offset 2″ to the right or left from center. Can use two

3″ Offset Rudder Arm

Use for a single offset or replacement for our Dual Rudder System.

Bullet Prop Nut

Designed by Tony machined from Brass our Bullet Prop Nut will look great on your boat. A thin “Jam-Nut” is included

Cable/Shaft Assembly (SPDIII)

This kit includes (1) 1/4″ Drive Hub, (3) Thrust Washers, (1) 5.5″ Shaft/Ferrule (square), (1) 1/4″ Prop Nut and a

Cable/Shaft Assembly (XP2 / XP2-Offset)

This kit includes (1) 1/4″ Drive Hub, (3) Thrust Washers, (1) 4.5″ Shaft/Ferrule (square), (1) 1/4″ Prop Nut and a

Cat / Hydro Power Package – M5

Purchase a complete power, drive, and hardware package for your home-built Vee bottom gasser. This kit is perfect for Vee

Custom Dual Square Drive Cables (18″ – 24″)

We will be happy to produce you a custom “Doubled ended” square drive cable for older Enforcer boats or home-built