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Enforcer Rudder Pin

Used on most Enforcer drives replaces pin: Dual Rudder Assy.. XP-2, XP-2C

Enforcer Rudder Pivot Block

Use with our large 6″ machined rudder. Replacement: Dual Rudder Assy., XP-2, XP-2C Drives.

Lead Teflon Bearings

Lead Teflon Bearing – PAIR. Used in Enforcer, Bonzi, Speedmaster, Octura and other drives.

XP-2 Drive Unit

The XP-2 is our most popular drive unit for the sport gas model boater who demands quality and performance, but

XP-2 Offset

Designed to be used for surface or sub-surface drive application, and a great drive system for use on most cats

XP-2 Rudder Blade

Replacement rudder blade for XP-2, Unit-Strut, XP-2C drive systems.