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Futaba 2.4GHz 3PV Transmitter/Receiver

The Futaba 2.4GHz 3PV is a handheld 3-channel transmitter/receiver, with an easy to read digital screen. It’s lightweight frame aids in

Futaba S3003 Servo

SPECS: Output Shaft Style: 25 Tooth (3F) Spline Voltage Range: 4.8V – 6.0V No-Load Speed: (4.8V) 0.23sec/60° No-Load Speed: (6.0V)

HiTec HS 755HB 1/4 Scale Servo

This HiTec servo provides extra control at an affordable price. It offers stronger torque for improved performance, featuring long-lasting Karbonite

HS 755MG – 1/4 Scale Servo | HiTec

The HiTec HS-755MG is a quarter scale metal gear servo featuring Dual Ball Bearings with a water and dust tight

HS-225MG – Servo | HiTec

The analog HS-225MG represents a good value with performance that rivals other larger and more expensive servos. Ideal for applications that

Radio Box Seal Tape

Transparent PVC tape for use sealing the radio box. Features a semi-permanent adhesive, easily removed by rubbing alcohol. Extra long

Savox 0241 Waterproof 1/5 Scale Digital Servo

Savox 0241 Waterproof 1/5 Scale Digital Servo -for Rockstar or Zelos

Savox SW-0231MGP Servo

The SW-0231MGP is a budget friendly, waterproof, high torque, digital servo in a slightly taller case than most standard sizes.

SW-0230MG – Digital Waterproof Servo | Savox

The SW-0230MG is a budget friendly waterproof digital servo capable of operating on high voltage. Features: Strong metal gear train

SW-0250MG Servo | Savox

Savox – SW-0250MG Digital Waterproof DC Motor Servo, Metal Gear Features: – Leading edge digital servo technology – Strong 3-Pole