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1/4 Scale Crackerbox Figure

Designed for use with 1/4 scale Crackerbox or 1/4 scale Jersey Speed Skiffs, and also perfect for our Stingray Hydro.

1/8 Scale Driver

Light weight plastic body with real cloth life vest and racing jersey, detailed to look like a modern day era

Enforcer Magnum Old School Driver-Style Hatch Cover

Replacement hatch cover for our Magnum 57 Old School. Can be used on the Magnum 57 hull. Choose: RED, YELLOW,

Enforcer Stingray Driver-Style Hatch Cover

Replacement drivers seat hatch cover for Enforcer Stingray Hydro.

Team Enforcer Driver-Style Hatch Cover (Pre-2003)

This Team Enforcer Hatch cover is designed to fit 46″ boats prior to 2003, and all Gator and Super G

Vintage Driver Kit

Using the same mold as the 1/8 Vintage Driver, this kit contians a disassembled and unpainted driver figure for you