Wet-Tuned Exhaust System

Wet-Tuned Exhaust System
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 The Pro Wet Tuned Exhaust System was once a mile stone for gasoline model boating. In 1990 we perfected this concept and design and offered it to the world. The concept was the ability to introduce water inside the tuned pipe for cooling purposes, yet be able to maintain the primary objective of tuning the exhaust wave for more performance. By design we were able to meet all the requirements and the Enforcer Pro-Wet Tuned Exhaust system not only became a reality, it has been used on over 90% of all factory assembled Enforcers for the past 22 years, that's thousands of boats. Shortly after it's industry debut we offered this system to be sold for use for the sport/performance boater for home projects. The pipe tuning length is considerably shorter, and able to be conceiled inside the hull. The water-cooling of the header and pipe makes this system nearly maintenance free.

 We continue to use this exact system daily in the production for almost every Enforcer sport/performance boat in production. We recommend it's use for all water-cooled boats use for enjoyment, and is pefect for Vee bottom, Crackerbox type boats. For competition performance boats such as; Hydro's and Catamarand's this system is not recommended, and a conventional dry tuned pipe system should be used. IMPORTANT NOTE: The Pro Wet Tuned Exhaust System must be ran as an internal cooled system both for safe operation and performance. If your bost has a clutch you MUST use a water pump. We offer our vacuum actuated water pump as a complete kit under "OPTIONS". Simply click on options and add it to your casrt and we will provide it with the pipe system as well as instructions.

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