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Thrust Washer Set (6)
Thrust washers or thrust bearings are very important in gas model boating as well as necessary for m..
Tygon Fuel Tubing
TYGON - The number one brand of gasoline safe tubing has an average lifespan of 10 years. ..
Vintage Driver Kit
Using the same mold as the 1/8 Vintage Driver, this kit contians a disassembled and unpainted driver..
Walbro WT-644 Big Bore Carburetor
Walbro WT644 Carburetor - Fits all 23, 26, 29 and 30cc Zenoah type engines (including boats, cars, p..
Walbro WT257 Carburetor
Walbro WT-257 carburetor - Performance upgrade for any Zenoah or related engine.  Big Bore -..
Water Pick-Up
Another great little device designed by us. We have always prefer to use transom mounted water pick-..
Water Pump
If your engine has a clutch then you need a water pump. Our pump is a manufactured by RMB products, ..
XP-2 Drive Unit
The XP-2 is our most popular drive unit for the sport gas model boater who demands quality and perfo..
XP-2 Offset
Designed to be used for surface or sub-surface drive application, and a great drive system for use o..
Zenoah G260PUM Engine w/WT-644 Carburetor
New generation 25.4cc displacement gas engine. Features an all-new cylinder design w/4 transfer port..
Zenoah Power and Riggings for V-Bottom Boat
 Complete power, drive, and hardware package for your home-built Vee bottom gasser. This kit is..
 Enforcer Hi Temp Silicone Coupler
The Enforcer Hi Temp Silicone Coupler includes straps (not shown in photo). ..
1.25" Rudder Offset Arm
1/8 Scale Vintage Seat
Molded 1/8 Scale Vintage Seat for our Vintage drivers. (shown painted Black).  ..
2" Rudder Offset Arm
Use with our Uni-Strut Rudder mount, places rudder offset 2" to the right or left from center. Can u..
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