Enforcer Radio Box

Enforcer Radio Box
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 In 1986 Tony Castronovo, owner of Warehouse Hobbies designed a radio box totally different from anything that was on the market for model boating. The design was to be specific for his line of Enforcer Gas Boats. This new box would allow a greater depth below the stringers as well as height above. He also inncorporated side shelves that would also support the radio tray as well as provide a mounting surface on each of the two wooden stringers. This offered the added ability to stand the servo up, rather than on their sides, which was very common practice in the day. Standing the servos up makes it easier to rig the mechanics, and also keeps them dryer in the case that a little water enters the box. The original design were made in fiberglass for the first 4 years, then vacuum formed ABS plastic for the following 16 years. In 2006 we made a couple changes, adding more room for a larger battery pack, and then took the giant leap to have them produced in injection molded ABS plastic, the premier form of manufacturing a quality product. It is estimated that Warehouse Hobbies Inc. has produced and sold over- 30,000 of this design since it's conception. The Enforcer Radio Box can be used in most Vee bottom boats, Catamarands, and even Hydro's, as we have used it in almost every production Enforcer boat since it's design. The photo's above show how easy it is to install your radio equipment, with only (2) screws necessary to secure the box on place. Though it has been designed for 1/2" rails, as considered industry standard for large gas boats, it can be used on other manufactures boats whom use 1/4" thick rails by simply adding a piece of hard wood as a ledge to the left and right of each rail.

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