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 Amsoil Pre-Mix Synthetic Oil 1Qt.
Specially formulated for 2-cycle, high revving small engines, this synthetic oil blend comes pre-mixed (100:1) - 1 Qt.  ..
"OO" Cable Grease
A must have for all Enforcer boats with on-board grease. Exclusive "OO" semi-fluid cable grease injects directly in Enforcer on-board cable grease systems. Can be used on all Enforcer engine models.  Lubricates drive cables and seals bearings and protects from water intrusion ..
1/4 Scale Crackerbox Figure
Designed for use with 1/4 scale Crackerbox or 1/4 scale Jersey Speed Skiffs, and also perfect for our Stingray Hydro. Mount two of these guys on the back of your boat and your boat will come to life! Easy to assemble - (4) parts per bust. Made in fiberglass with gel coat finish (just like ou..
1/8 Scale Driver
Light weight plastic body with real cloth life vest and racing jersey, detailed to look like a modern day era driver or throttle man. We designed the arms and hands to be able to be positioned to grip our steering wheel and throttle helm to provided added scale realism. Each are easy to install with..
1/8 Vintage Driver
Authentic Vintage era competition boat driver bust. We modeled this drive in exact 1/8th scale not missing a single detail. The open face helmet shows the facial details that were modeled with extreme accuracy. Figure is made in high strength low weight plastic, and is fully assembled and painted re..
4-Piece Small Funnel Set
Safe for use with gas, oil, and most other solvents. Includes 1.5", 2", 3", and 4".  ..
Allen Key Set
Set of 10 keys featuring a "T" shaped handle and an extended shaft, perfect for hard to reach hardware. Steel. - (Image only shows 8 pieces but our set includes (10) ..
Aluminum Air Vents
Modeled after their full size counterpart, Enforcer RC Air Vents are cast in stamped aluminum (0.2" thickness) and easy to install.  ..
Dash & Fittings Kit
Scaled to 1/10 the size of their full size counterparts, the Dash & Fittings Kit is expertly detailed for accuracy. Includes 2 CNC cut dashboards, chrome-plated plastic fittings, gauges,  2 steering wheels, throttle helms, hand rails, gps, and other detail pieces.  kit ..
Dummy Quad Exhaust Tips
Includes 4 chrome-plated plastic exhaust tips.  Installation Instructions: Locate, mark, and drill four 1/4" holes in the transom. Apply a drop of adhesive to the tips, and push each into place.  ..
Engine Kill Guard  (EKG)
Monitors the receiver's battery voltage and acts as a kill switch when the voltage is low (or reaches zero).  We all pretty much know about Fail Safe devices, but many of us don't know that they have limitations. Even Fail Safes built into most of today's radios are designed only to ret..
Fiberglass Air Scoops
Boy do these look good on top of the engine cover! These are lightweight hand-laid fiberglass scoops that we designed that really work. You simply cut out the front of the scoop and mount it onto or from the under-side of your engine hatch cover, and they will provide plenty of air intake. We mold t..
Fuel Siphon Bulb
Designed to safely siphon gas out of the fuel tank. For use with Enforcer gas tanks.  ..
Gauges & Fittings Kit
Complete Gauges & Fittings Kit inludes over (30) 1/8 - 1/10 scale chrome plated plastic detail parts. Modeled after full size gauges and fittings, this kit has everything from throttles, gas caps, steering wheels, and even a fire extinguisher!  ..
Grease Injector Syringe
50cc Grease Injector Syringe. Safe for use with petroleum-based products.  ..
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