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Bonzi 47 Skater - Enforcer Edition
Bonzi Sports 47 Skater - Enforcer Edition.  Complete Ready to Run with Enforcer hardware package - just add electronics. All the speed, style and quality of the Bonzi Sports 47 Skater with the affordability and reliability of Enforcer RC Boats hardware. Just add electronics.  ..
Enforcer Super G
ENFORCER SUPER G - Ready to Run with Zenoah G230RC Air Cooled engine. This is the boat that started it all! All of the quality of Enforcer RC Boats - hand laid fiberglass hull and gel coat finish.  Zenoah G230RC Air Cooled engine and Enforcer clutch. Complete with everything you ne..
Enforcer Mega G
Enforcer newest Mega G Ready to Run boat. Big brother to our world famous Super G...this model includes the Zenoah G320RC (32cc) air cooled engine, bullet proof Bonzi' Billet Clutch for added reliability and our Enforcer SPD III dual rudder outdrive. A step up from the Super G for those who jus..
Enforcer Magnum 57
57 inches of wave crashing excitement is the best way to describe our world famous Magnum 57. This boat is the Granddaddy of large scale-like gas model boats, and you can bet you will find one on almost every continent in around the world. Designed for rougher water conditions, the Mag 57 is at home..
Enforcer Silex Pro
Enforcer Race Boat - complete set up with Zenoah G260PUM engine. White, Yellow, Black or Red Gel Coat finish.  Tech Specifications: Length: 47" Beam: 13" Deadrise" 1.25 - 1.5" Weight: 5 pounds Special Features: Composite core for additional deck and hull strength 100% cloth (hull) /..
Enforcer Magnum Old School
In 1986 we designed the magnum 57 which has become one of our most popular models. Since that era spawned the development and usage of close-canopies to protect the driver and throttle-man, we have all become to acustomed to those designs. We thought it would be fun to design an open cockpit to show..
Team Enforcer
Perhaps the most popular model in gas model boating is our world famous Team Enforcer 46". Since 1986 the Team Enforcer ( original design ) has been tearing up water ways all over the world. The Team Enforcer was the first realistic gas model boat manufactured in production. Now into it's fourth gen..
Team Enforcer Offshore
The Team Pro is based off of the same boat as our popular Team Enforcer model, however we designed a closed cockpit to offer this ever popular boat to those that like the newer off shore race boat style. The new closed cockpit really added a fresh look to this older and very proven hull design, and ..
Enforcer Manta Ray
The sister ship to our popular Magnum 57 is our Manta Ray. The hull was made by cutting down the freeboard of the Magnum 57 to offer a lower profile look. This lessened the length by 2" and enabled us to create another model with similar characteristics great for rougher water conditions. We designe..
Enforcer Man-O-War
In 1987 the full size version of this beautiful semi-scale replica took the US # 1 title in Offshore competition. We purchased the molds and the rights for the model version in 1992 to add it to our line of Enforcer boats. After re-tooling the molds in our factory, and only changing one attribute fr..
Enforcer Crackerbox
Wow! It's been 20 years since we started production of this model, the first production fiberglass Crackerbox to grace the hobby industry in 1992. We closely followed the Jerry Dunlop design to be completely legal in this once, limited class of gas model boat racing. Now twenty years later this hull..
Enforcer Split-N-Image Cat
Combining high speed performance with outstanding looks, The 50" Enforcer Split-n-Image Cat is a great boat for the intermediate/advanced RC boater. Modeled after full size Catamarans, it includes a Zenoah G260PUM 26cc water-cooled engine, a fiberglass gel-coated hull (available in 4 colors), and a ..
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