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2.4 Ghz. Antenna & Base for RC Boat
The easiest and cleanest way to mount your 2.4 Ghz. antenna. We give you one CNC machined aluminum base/mount and a 3.0" piece of tube mast, and a rubber tip cap. Insert the receiver antenna wire and secure the end with the rubber cap also included. ..
Enforcer Radio Box
 In 1986 Tony Castronovo, owner of Warehouse Hobbies designed a radio box totally different from anything that was on the market for model boating. The design was to be specific for his line of Enforcer Gas Boats. This new box would allow a greater depth below the stringers as well as height ab..
Futaba 2.4Ghz. System
FUTABA 2.4Ghz. 3PL FHSS - Clean signal and reception and unlikely to pick up outside interference. No frequencies to worry about and whether you and another modeler may be on the same.  2.4Ghz. FHSS - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum. FUTABA 2.4Ghz. 3PL FHSS Transmitter and Rec..
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