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2.4 Ghz. Antenna & Base for RC Boat
The easiest and cleanest way to mount your 2.4 Ghz. antenna. We give you one CNC machined aluminum base/mount and a 3.0" piece of tube mast, and a rubber tip cap. Insert the receiver antenna wire and secure the end with the rubber cap also included. ..
4-40 Threaded Clevis & Rod
Battery Protector
This product is a must have when using 4-AA battery holders as equipped with most radio systems. Keeps the batteries from "popping out" of the holder while bouncing in waves, also protects the holder and base of the radio box from vibration abrasion. ..
Enforcer Radio Box
 In 1986 Tony Castronovo, owner of Warehouse Hobbies designed a radio box totally different from anything that was on the market for model boating. The design was to be specific for his line of Enforcer Gas Boats. This new box would allow a greater depth below the stringers as well as height ab..
Futaba 2.4Ghz. 3PV Complete Radio Package
FUTABA 2.4Ghz. 3PV - Clean signal and reception and unlikely to pick up outside interference. No frequencies to worry about and whether you and another modeler may be on the same.  2.4Ghz. FHSS - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum. - COMPLETE RADIO PACKAGE FOR YOUR BOAT.  ..
The Pull-N-Seal concept is another Enforcer innovation and this tiny product is worth it's weight in gold. There is nothing worse than filling a hole in your radio box, well maybe having to drill one in the first place.... But it is a necessary evil after all. We developed this product to be able to..
Push Rod Seal Kit
This is a great product and absolutely necessary to keep water out of your radio box, and even the hull. We designed this simple and effective seal kit to work better than anything else on the market. All you do is drill a hole through your radio box and screw the seal mount in place. Next install t..
Radio Box Lid
Clear lid designed to fit the Enforcer Radio Box. ..
Radio Box Seal Tape
Transparent PVC tape for use sealing the radio box. Features a semi-permanent adhesive, easily removed by rubbing alcohol. Extra long 36 Yds x 3/4" - Sold by the roll Highest quality tape for best seal and no residual stickyness.  ..
Radio Box Tray
Designed to fit our 2006 to present Enforcer radio box. Factory pre-cut to fit, 1- 1/4 scale servo, 1- Standard servo, 5-AA battery pack, or 1- 5 sub-C rechargeable pack, 1- standard receiver. ..
Tactic 2.4Ghz. Radio / Servo Complete Package
This Tactic 2.4Ghz radio system has SLT (Secure Link Technology), which creates an unbreakable link between the receiver and your transmitter with push-button ease. The radio sports futuristic styling that's unlike any other transmitter. This Complete Package includes: Tactic TTX300 2.4Gh..
Tactic TTX300 3-Channel Transmitter/Receiver
User programmable third channel 3-channel TR325 micro receiver (TACL0325) with failsafe Steering and throttle trim and end point adjustments Steering rate adjustment Internal antenna 70/30 throttle setting Sleek new case design Can use any SLT receiver ..
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