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Bullet Prop Nut
Designed by Tony machined from Brass our Bullet Prop Nut will look great on your boat. A thin "Jam-Nut" is included to secure the prop and hold the prop nut in place. ..
Drive Dog
1/4" I.D. replacement drive hub. ..
Dual Rudder Assembly
There is no other rudder system on the market that performs like the Enforcer Uni-Strut dual rudders, and for certain none that mount as easy and clean as ours. 100% CNC machined out of aircraft grade 6061-T6 aluminum this assembly is strong and capable of manuvering the largest of gas boats. We rec..
Hydro Strut Assembly
The perfect strut and mount system for your hydro. Light weight for racing but durable for everyday sport use. Uses standard .250" L/T bearings, and can be used with our 4.5" Enforcer stub shaft/ ferrule. ..
Offset Rudder Assembly
When a seperate rudder is required we offer our CNC machined Offset Rudder Assembly. This complete unit is easy to install and can be used for surface drive or sub-surface applications. The quality is outstanding and the assembly is durable and great looking. We missed nothing building this unit and..
Rudder Assembly
Complete rudder and bracket assembly same as used on many Enforcer factory boats. ..
SPD III Drive System
The SPD III is simplest terms means, Surface Plaining Drive, third model design. This one product is probably the single most important innovation we made to gas model boating dating back to 1983. The concept was taken from a full size race boat manufacture not far from our companies first facility...
SPD III Stinger
ENFORCER SPDIII STINGER - Includes SPDIII Stinger Body, Bracket and plate, Prop shaft cartridge with Lead Teflon Bearings pressed in and mounting hardware.  In 1983 Tony C owner of WHH introduced surface drive to the world of model boaters, though it was used on some full size offshore race ..
Thrust Washer Set (6)
Thrust washers or thrust bearings are very important in gas model boating as well as necessary for most Enforcer drive systems. With a floating, or solder-less drive cable system using square ends such as ours, the forward thrust (motion) produces a great amount of pressure that bears down on the re..
XP-2 Drive Unit
The XP-2 is our most popular drive unit for the sport gas model boater who demands quality and performance, but may be on a budget. It's design was based off of the original XP drive that was used on the Enforcer Gator from 1991 - 2001 This re-design was the same unit used for the next 10 years on o..
XP-2 Offset
Designed to be used for surface or sub-surface drive application, and a great drive system for use on most cats from 44" - and up. Heavy duty design can handle to most powerful gas model boat engines. Features and offset rudder factory set to competition specifications, but can also be used for spor..
1.25" Rudder Offset Arm
2" Rudder Offset Arm
Use with our Uni-Strut Rudder mount, places rudder offset 2" to the right or left from center. Can use two (2) for twin rudders. ..
3" Offset Rudder Arm
Use for a single offset or replacement for our Dual Rudder System. ..
4.5" Shaft / Ferrule
Replace prop shaft for XP-2 and XP-2C drive systems. Features ground Stainless Steel construction with solder-less 0.250" square female connection. ..
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