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Clutchless Adapter
Use this PTO directly to your Zenoah engine tappered crank shaft. Comes with a 6mm threaded shaft that is screwed to the mid-point of the engine PTO tapered shaft. Using a small amount of medium thread lock on both ends screw the Cluth-less Adapter onto the threaded stub and tighten. Designed t..
Walbro WT-644 Big Bore Carburetor
Walbro WT644 Carburetor - Fits all 23, 26, 29 and 30cc Zenoah type engines (including boats, cars, planes, helicopters.) Primer bulb and integrated choke for easy starting. Shown with optional Zenoah Velocity Stack.  High and low jets - Bore 15.88mm, Venturi Bore 12.7mm This is the s..
Walbro WT257 Carburetor
Walbro WT-257 carburetor - Performance upgrade for any Zenoah or related engine.  Big Bore - No choke - No primer bulb. Wide open throat for efficient air flow and hi performance.  ..
Zenoah G260PUM Engine w/WT-644 Carburetor
New generation 25.4cc displacement gas engine. Features an all-new cylinder design w/4 transfer ports for improved torque & high-RPM performance. This lightweight, compact engine has a redesigned combustion chamber & new single ring piston. Includes 644 large bore carb w/choke, water jack..
Zenoah Power and Riggings for V-Bottom Boat
 Complete power, drive, and hardware package for your home-built Vee bottom gasser. This kit is perfect for Vee bottom hulls from 46" - 60" in length with a minimum beam of 13" at the water line. Follow the directions provided to install all the components correctly or call or email u..
BONZI Very Cool Water Jacket - 29CC
Bonzi' Sports Very Cool Water Jacket - fits Zenoah G290PUM and G300PUM marine engines.  Billet Aluminum with increased water volume than a stock jacket. Includes 2 inlet fittings and 2 outlet fittings for more water flow on a high RPM engine.  Also includes stainless m..
Zenoah G290PUM with Walbro WT644
Zenoah G290PUM engine - 28.5cc (36mm bore, 28mm stroke) The G290PUM includes a Zenoah EZ starter and WT644 carburetor. Engine Stats: Displacement: 28.5cc. Power: 3.5HP @13,000 RPM Torque: 1.23 ft-lbs (1.68 N-m) @10,000 RPM Timing:30 degrees BTDC @ 8,000 RPM Compression Ratio: 8.9:1 ..
Zenoah Insulator - Drilled & tapped
Zenoah Insulator - Drilled & Tapped for water pump.  Replace stock Zenoah insulator for use with clutch and water pump.    ..
Competition Mounts
Our Glass Filled Nylon Composite engine mounts have been the choice of the racers for the past 5 years. They are extremely light weighing only 2 ounces each, and incredibly strong. Designed to fit: Zenoah, CY, and RCMK 23-30cc engines ( less clutch ) Designed to be used with our 1" rubber is..
Enforcer 4-Point Engine Mounts
Genuine Enforcer "Quick-Release" engine mounts for  Zenoah, CY, and RCMK maring engines. Machined aluminum construction are 40% stronger  3/16" or .187 thick. . These mounts are designed for use with clutch-less engine, however they can be used with our Enforcer clutch systems. ..
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